Relationships – A special session



  •  A deeper insight into what’s really important for you in a relationship
  • Freedom from old residual relationships and their limiting patterns
  • The art of forgiving and seeking forgiveness
  • Rapidly heal your relationship on the spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric and physical levels
  • Appreciate and enhance positive qualities in your partner or loved ones
  • Disintegrate subconscious negative thoughts and emotions that sabotage your relationships
  • Release and erase negative programs that cause havoc in your relationship
  • Greater inner peace, harmony and happiness within yourself
  • Manifest a relationship you have so far only dreamt of
  • Enhanced mental and emotional compatibility in your relationship
  • Enhanced physical intimacy with your partner
  • Greater goodwill, loving kindness and generosity between partners
  • Reduced stress, friction and insecurity in your relationship

**These principles and techniques can be applied to any relationship, whether it be between husband and wife, parent and child, friends or co-workers. Everyone can benefit from these techniques to improve and enhance their relationship!**

Please note, a 24 hours cancellation policy applies so should you wish to postpone a session, please do so more than 24 hours in advance as otherwise, sadly, a full charge will apply because its too late to offer that time to another client.

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Rapid Healing for Relationships – Manifest a healthier, happier relationship with your life partner, parent, sibling, friend or colleague in just 7 sessions!
All relationships are based on Energy. By harnessing and enhancing positive attributes of a relationship, harmonise & strengthen the one you love. Disintegrate negative attributes and make way for greater love and intimacy for an empowering and fulfilling relationship.

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6pm – 7 pm


Pay advance for 6 sessions and your 7th session is on us!
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